The Plant Single-Cell Platform at PSB is committed to implementing novel single-cell technologies for both model species and crops. Once established, these technologies aim to discover innovative approaches to support plant breeding and biotechnology and are thus of use to both the academic community and to industrial partners. The Plant Single Cell Accelerator program was started in 2020 with the aim to share knowledge single cell technology with industrial partners in order to accelerate the implementation of single cell approaches in crop species and foster interactions between VIB and industry. Within the program, companies get access to knowledge on technologies that are evaluated at PSB, methods that are implemented, and also have the possibility for early-access to both. Updates on technologies and methods that are established within VIB and the Plant Single Cell platform are regularly presented. All participating companies are also in continuous contact with the coordinator to shape a pilot project in which specific technology, tissues or species can be evaluated. This can serve as a starting point for further collaborations or research agreements.

Please contact Bert De Rybel ([email protected]) for more information.