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Artwork PhD MaxPhD defence: Max Minne

Congrats to Max for becoming dr. Minne on July 10th 2024! Check out some of the amazing artwork Max generated for his thesis. You might recognise some PSB locals...

artwork Max










Wetenschap op Stap 2024

2024 Science Outreach: VIB Wetenschap op Stap: 

Yearly, Bert visits an elementary school to teach about microscopes and hands-on looking at Arabidopsis cells: trichomes, stomata, root hairs and obviously vascular tissues...






Max explains

2023 Science Outreach: Max explains his PhD project: on the role of cytokinin in plant growth: 

"Why is it that some plants such as moss remain very small, while others grow into large trees? 'There is still a lot we don't know about exactly how plants grow,' says Max Minne. To further unravel that mystery, Max uses an innovative technique that allows him to look at every cell in the plant and unravel how the hormone cytokinin, which is responsible for plant growth, affects each cell."



Fascination of plants day 20222022 Science Outreach: EPSO Fascination of Plants Day at Ghent City Center

Joint effort of several groups of PSB to contribute to the EPSO Fascination Of Plants Day. We moved our research to the city centre of Ghent for this great outreach activity including live DNA extraction and nanopore sequencing, fluorescence microscopy of calcium signalling, connecting art with science etc.