Gokulendran Nair Akshay

Gokulendran Nair Akshay - Predoctoral fellow
Joined the group in 2022

Akshay earned his bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) in Bangalore, India. Subsequently, he pursued his master's degree in Genetics and Molecular Plant Sciences in Sweden through a collaborative program involving Uppsala University, Stockholm University, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Further, he joined the group of Prof Annelie Carlsbecker to conduct his master's thesis, studying the impact of abiotic stress on the root primary xylem development. Continuing in the same line of research, Akshay joined as a PhD student in the group of Prof Bert De Rybel in March 2022. Currently, Akshay's project aims to identify the novel transcriptional regulators controlling primary xylem development.
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